Dog Days Of Downtown Dining

Summers in Winston-Salem spark the re-emerging of patio dining along the downtown sidewalks and a few popular eateries are encouraging that your “plus one” be your pup.

For Breakfast:
Mary’s Gourmet Diner (
Serving mostly local, organic meals, Mary’s is the go-to spot for art on a plate and on the walls. Located in the heart of the Downtown Arts District, Mary’s Gourmet Diner is a pup’s haven with covered patio dining and when your luck is just right, owner Mary Haglund will sometimes whip up her homemade dog treats as a special “menu” item. We haven’t had them but our friends tell us they’re amazing!

For Lunch:
Foothills Brewing (
We like to think dining with the dogs at Foothills is truly the best of both worlds. Not only are you spending valuable time with “man’s best friend,” you’re able to bond over a cold pint of Foothills craft brew. Please, no sharing with the pups. (Check out Wag Boutique if you’re looking for pet-friendly brews – summer brews from this nationally-recognized brewery include Carolina Blonde and Jade IPA. Chef Shane Moore works behind the scenes to deliver your hunger fix through their signature fried pickles and beer-braised brats!

Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro (
You’ll be coming here for the Southern comfort dishes like the tomato pie, which is the recipe of the owner’s late grandmother, Mozelle, and the fried chicken with peach chutney on top. But as for your pup, ask for an extra helping of fresh haricot verts and your dog will love you forever. On chillier evenings, wrap up in one of the brightly colored blankets available for patio seating and watch the sun set on the Historic West End District, where this popular downtown spot is located.

For Dinner:
Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar (
Two words: Timmy Collins. A spin on the summertime classic cocktail, Tom Collins, Spring House’s Timmy Collins uses Winston-Salem made Sutler’s Gin and is named after head chef, Timothy Grandinetti. And as for your dog, well he’s welcome to watch you enjoy a Timmy Collins on the beautiful patio of this historic home-turned-restaurant.

Hutch & Harris (H&H) (
Find a take on the Moravian Classic here — Moravian Chicken Pie. Quick history lesson: Moravians, a protestant group originally from Eastern Europe settled this area in 1753 and brought three very unique culinary staples with them, Moravian Cookies, Moravia Sugar Cake, and Moravian Chicken Pie. (Learn more about these at Now back to the story, H&H is located in the middle of bustling Fourth Street where the people watching experience rivals the tastiness of the meal. We’re betting Bruno will get a kick out of it as well.

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